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Serbian propaganda of lies and deception can be objectivelly rulled as nothing more, but a complete success! They operate under simple, yet effective formula: (repeat lie) x (1000 times) = and it will become truth!

Three days ago I received an e-mail from Husnija Hadzipasic. She asked me to publish a story about her son who was beheaded by Serbian military forces in Bosnia. The video of her son's beheading is still freely available all over the internet, only under a different name (Serbian name). This video is freely used solely for Serb-propaganda purposes portraying her son as a "Serb soldier" who got "decapitated by Muslims."

Following the release of a video by the Hague War Crimes Tribunal (on June 1, 2005) showing Serbian paramilitary unit the "Scorpions" brutally executing 6 defenceless Bosniak men and underage boys (
read here), Serbian propaganda oriented website (Serbianna, url: published the so called "Srebrenica Massacre: Photo Story" portaying Bosniaks as blood-hungry monsters killing and beheading Serbs.

The website features alleged video beheading of a "Serb soldier Rade Rogic" and other propaganda videos that came from "uncomfirmed sources". The International Criminal Court for Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) refused to admit this video as evidence. To put things into perspective, these types of Serbian propaganda videos have nothing to do with Srebrenica genocide or Srebrenica region - they are just used as propaganda material to trick average internet user into thinking that Srebrenica massacre was only a revenge for alleged earlier "Bosnian Muslim crimes" (as Serbs like to put it). What an insult to intelligence!

What do they mean by "earlier" is debatable, because they were the ones who attacked predominantly Muslim Eastern part of Bosnia in order to grab territory for "enlarged Serbia". The bottom line is that Serbian thugs had no business of being there and terrorizing Muslim population in the first place.

The alleged beheading of alleged "Serb soldier Rade Rogic" allegedly took place around Sanski Most. If you are familiar with basic Bosnian geography, you will notice that Srebrenica is in the Eastern part of Bosnia, while Sanski Most is in the Western part of Bosnia. I'll get back to "Rade Rogic" later.

The website also alleges that thousands of Serbs were killed by Naser Oric's forces around Srebrenica; and as a result, Serbianna seems to suggest that Srebrenica massacre was justified, because Bosniaks put up a defence against Serbian thugs who brutally attacked predominantly Muslim part of Bosnia. According to Serbian logic, Bosnian forces were naturally guilty for provoking Srebrenica massacre. What a sick logic! Serbianna however, does not mention that in fact, long before Naser Oric defensively counter-attacked Bosnian Serb and Serbian forces around Srebrenica, close to 90% of Bosniak population of Eastern Bosnia was ethnically cleansed by Bosnian Serb and Serbian (para)-military forces and tens of thousands of Bosniaks died at the hands of Christian Serbian extremist fascists, also known as Chetniks. The rest of population was starving in Srebrenica, subjected to constant Serb artillery; no humanitarian convoys were allowed to bring food or medical supplies into the enclave.

So, naturally the question pops out - what did these Serbian and Bosnian Serb military forces doing in predominanly Muslim inhabitted Eastern Bosnia? They had no business of being there in the first place! They were brutally raping, killing, torturing, and ethnically cleansing Bosniak (Bosnian Muslim) population, grabbing predominantly Bosniak territory for a planned and enlarged "Great Serbia". Tens of thousands of Bosniaks were slaughtered in Eastern Bosnia long before Naser Oric took up defensive fight in and around Srebrenica.

Serb forces around Srebrenica had never demilitarized! And yet, Serbian propaganda and Srebrenica massacre revisionists constantly blamed Bosnian side for not fully demilitarizing. In fact, Bosnian side was the only one who satisfactorily demilitarized by UN standards as already stated by the United Nations Report (
read here). Serbs never honored their part of agreement and never handed down their weapons, because they did not want Srebrenica demilitarized. They wanted Srebrenica ethnically cleansed and in their hands as part of "Great Serbia". Instead of handing down weapons to the U.N. and thus demilitarizing, they used the weapons to slaughter over 8,000 Srebrenica civilians! And yet, Serbians and their friends - Srebrenica massacre revisionists (also known as Srebrenica Genocide deniers) - continue to deny that 8,000 Bosniaks died during Srebrenica genocide. Their denial of over 8,000 dead Srebrenica massacre victims is nothing, but a complete nonsense (read here and here).

Now, back to the Serbian argument that Naser Oric allegedly killed thousands of Serb civilians around Srebrenica. What a nonsense! In fact, (respectively) less than 2,000 Serb civilians died in all of Bosnia (or 1,978 to be exact) - many of them from Bosnian Serb shells hitting besieged government-controlled cities. (Source: The Research and Documentation Centre, as of December 15, 2005). It is also notable to mention that many Serbs served (and died) in the Bosnian Army while defending values of Bosnian multi-culturalism, freedom and democracy. Former president of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Mr. Alija Izetbegovic, once said that as many as 15% of all Bosnian Army soldiers were in fact Bosnian Serbs.

Serbianna also does not mention that according to the ICTY Indictment, former Chief of Intelligence of the Serb Army - Ljubisa Beara - personally participated in the decapitation of 80 to 100 Muslims in Srebrenica. Instead, Serbian propagandists and their friends promote alleged beheading video of "Serb soldier Rade Rogic" in Western Bosnia as an excuse for Srebrenica massacre in Eastern Bosnia. What a circus!

The problem is that imaginary "Serb soldier: Rade Rogic" was not even there, let alone "beheaded by Muslims" - as claimed by Serbianna. The person beheaded was Mustafa Hadzipasic, Bosnian soldier ambushed by Serbian (para) military thugs during operation Sanski Most in 1995. Mustafa Hadzipasic was native of Buzim (close to Velika Kladusa in the Western tip of Bosnia). He served in the 5th corps of Bosnian Army, 505th Buzim brigade during operation Sanski Most. Upon retreat (and defeat) of Serb forces in that area, he was captured by Serb military forces who shot propaganda video posing as "mujahedeens". Serbian paramilitary thugs in the video (posing as mujahedeens) have distinct Serbian accent that is easily recognizable by any native speaker of the area.

Husnija Hadzipasic, mother of Mustafa Hadzipasic, wrote to me 3 days ago. Here is a translation of her e-mail:


My name is Husnija Hadzipasic. I need to tell this truth to the world. Serbs circulate video of my son being slaughtered. They say his name is Rade Rogic. That is not true. I have viewed the video hundred times and every time I cried. People who knew my son also viewed video over and over again. We are absolutely certain that the person beheaded in this video is Mustafa Hadzipasic. Now that we know what Serbs did to our son, we will go to Bosnia next month to look for his grave. Please publish this information on your site.

Mustafa was born in Buzim on July 2, 1968.
His father is Ismet
Hadzipasic, who died of heart attack last year
Both Mustafa and Ismet served in the 5th corps of Bosnian Army, 505th Buzim brigade.
Mustafa was survived by two daughters, Alma and Emina.

We give you permission to publish this information. If you want more information, you can call us at (phone # edited).

Allahumanet (Peace be with you)

Husnija Hadzipasic

I edited Husnija's phone # for privacy issues, but if you want to contact her, you can e-mail her at .